In layman’s point of view, compliance means conforming to rules. Compliance strives to design the operative and administrative processes of a company in a manner that curbs the infringement of the company’s internal rules along with legal regulations as far as possible. In order to accomplish this objective, it is imperative that the company’s corporate structure and processes should be adequately designed and internal rules should be clearly established. Our legal and compliance team has a wealth of expertise and skills in the regulatory and legislative environments. We can impart immaculate support to our clients by offering advice and guidance on different compliance requirements.

Compliance Management and Advisory Services

  • All matters connected with Company Law, Rules and Regulations including Incorporation of Companies, Board of Directors Compliances, Shareholders Compliances, Charge Management, Liquidation and Winding Up and all other compliances, Advisory and other services under the Companies Act, 2013.

  • Approvals and Licences under various Corporate Legislations.

  • Consultancy and Compliance Management in relation to Foreign Direct Investment, External Commercial Borrowings, Joint Venture / Wholly Owned Subsidiaries in India and abroad.

  • Consultancy on Foreign Exchange Management related approvals and compliances.

  • Due diligence and Search Report to banks

  • Company Secretarial Support and Compliance & Governance support services


To cope with the changing laws, require the experienced professional support and advice to make the right decisions such as entity selection and formation, capital structuring, capital infusions and type of instruments, customization / alteration of charter documents, changes in directorship and shareholders, remuneration of managerial personnel, meeting of board/ shareholders and powers, mergers and acquisitions and entity liquidation.

  • Event based intimations with Registrar of Companies

  • Maintenance of Statutory Registers/Records and Minutes

  • Filing of Annual Accounts and Annual Returns of Companies / LLPs

  • Increasing the Authorised Share Capital of Companies and allotment of shares

  • Director management services

  • DIN management services Alteration of MOA, AOA, LLP Agreements etc

  • Shifting/Change of Registered Office within city/State or from one State to another State

  • Organizing and managing meetings of Board of Directors, Meeting of Shareholders, Meetings of Creditors etc.

  • Change of name of Companies

  • Search Reports / Status Reports for Banks / Financial Institutions etc.

  • Issue and allotment of Shares and related compliances

  • XBRL filings

  • Registration, modification & satisfaction of charges

  • Transfer / Transmission of shares etc.

  • Due Diligence / Secretarial Audit / Compliance Certificate

  • Annual filing of documents with the Registrar

  • Liquidation of companies

  • Winding up of companies